Hi!! I'm Gina an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Manchester, UK with dogs Poppy (black/grey) and Lara (white/muddy).


I make custom design products for the pet obsessed which you can find in my shop. I love creating bespoke products so if you have any ideas or requests that aren't in my store get in touch and I'll see what I can do! 


The dogs....

Poppy is a 14+ Pomeranian x Yorkshire Terrier. She has reached her bucket list of travelling to 10 different countries. She's obsessed with people, sleeping and tennis balls. 

Lara is a Romanian rescue pup, who knows what she is?! I got her in 2016 when she was a 5 month pup. She is not the socialite of the group but she's obsessed with Poppy (the feeling isn't mutual).

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