Charity Donation

Each month in 2020 I have decided to donate a minimum of £100 (approx $130) to a charitable cause - this is not a lot of money but will really help these small charities. I will provide more information on the charity I have chosen on the causes page - you can also find information on previous charities here and direct links to donate.


February Charity is dog rescue 'Bid to Save a Stray'


Should you wish to add a donation along with your purchase the money raised from this listing will be donated in full to the cause.

This is only available through my web store and not Etsy listings, due to Etsy fees the full amount would not go to charity.

This item can be added multiple times to donate more if you wish to do so by changing the quantity.


Thank you so much for helping me support such great causes - as a small business I would love to be able to raise as much money as possible for smaller charities.